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Technology Issue Roundtables





Provocative Plenary

  • Top elected, appointed and career leaders from all jurisdictions of government

  • Industry leaders who carry major responsibility for technology, business or mission

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CES Government 2018

National Security and Defense:

Government and military leaders, policymakers, industry executives and SMEs will share perspectives and discuss technology and mission, acquisition, innovation and funding, and of course, the security of IT all.

Data and information leaks damage national security and weaken our intelligence apparatus.  Government and industry experts will discuss and exchange views on the technical and management challenges, best practice technologies and strategies, and the evolving policy framework that girds our national security and intelligence apparatus.


Energy and Critical Infrastructure:

Energy and communications drive every commercial and government operation, and these sectors are in constant transformation as new technologies are introduced to harness and manage energy, and provide dramatic changes in the way citizens, industry and government at all levels communicate.  Energy and communications executives will engage government policy and regulatory leaders on a range of issues vital to thee sectors.


Managing Business and Mission in Today’s Evolving Global Cyber Threat Matrix:

Is it even possible to protect our data? Our infrastructure?  If so, then how and for how long?  At what cost?  What are the liabilities of individuals, companies and governments?  Are laws, enforcement and prosecution adequate?  These are among the many questions delegates and speakers can expect to explore throughout CES Government, as cyber stands as the first-tier threat on the minds of every business and mission leader of every enterprise of every size.


Congress is mired in confusion over the government’s role in health care.  The CESG 2018 program will focus on what can be done to improve care and lower costs through smart technology applications.  Expect roundtable and plenary discussions on fraud detection, the IoT and its impact on health care management, the exploding impact of advanced analytics and machine learning, and ever-present issues of data security.


Law Enforcement and National Security:

Technology, communications, security, innovation all will be featured as homeland security and law enforcement professionals gather throughout CESG to discuss such issues as the new FirstNet national first responders network, information sharing, the delicate balance between privacy and the need for information, body worn technologies.



Autonomous driving, intelligent transportation on air, water and land, and the massive computing power and management these demand together represent the most disruptive forces in American and global economies.  From policy guidance and promulgation, to major social questions, to the massive management and technical challenges, policymakers, futurists, transportation industry executives and government/industry professionals will share ideas and direction in this most explosive area of technology and innovation – also a major focus of and throughout CES.


  • Innovation Explosion: powerful chip technologies and what they will drive
  • Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence: New Directions in Cyber Security
  • Data Mining and the New Intelligence Paradigm
  • Communications Across Lines: The Promise of FirstNet
  • More than Body Worn: The Internet of Life Saving Devices
  • The Transportation Tsunami: Autonomous, Data-driven, Machine learning, modal coordination
  • Cyber Reality: Insider Threats, Identity (Domain) Theft, Cyber Ransom, Data Breach

Agenda Overview

January 9 – 12
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